Second Chances by Max Lucado

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Second Chances is written in a daily devotional form: scripture text, followed by scripture reference, followed by the scripture turned into a brief story. One can sit down and read this book from page 1 to the end. However, the Table of Contents will allow the reader to go directly to a story that suits the way s/he feels today; thereby, getting a suitable story to lift the spirits or to encourage the reader to keep on keeping on. These stories reveal many second chances available for today’s wayward heart.

I have enjoyed reading these stories. Some were written with the Biblical characters playing the parts in the story. Others were written with more modern characters. Yet all of them revealed second chances attainable to anyone who has lost their way from the youth who runs away from home to the person who runs away from God.

These stories offer a new way to look at the events that happened in the Bible and how these events tie in with us in today’s world. One of my favorites is Imperfect People: This story shows people packing filled garbage bags around all day until a man arrives to ask them to meet him in a place. Once the people bring their garbage to him, we see this man has to be Jesus who took all our ‘garbage’ [sins] and nailed them to the cross for us. Very moving. Very uplifting. I recommend this book to all people.

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ImageThe Lordship of Christ written by John MacArthur is a book that offers proof that Christ is indeed our God and Savior.  Mr. MacArthur begins on the big picture—Lord of the Universe.  God is God and no one can tell Him what he should or should not do.  Mr. MacArthur moves on into a tighter area placing Christ as Lord of Our Lives. In this section he offers infallible proof of both God’s love for mankind and God’s severity when it comes to judging mankind.  The rest of the book clearly describes what a true Christian should be like in word and deed.

This book kept my attention.  The message is presented in a clear and ordered fashion to alleviate confusion and simple enough for even a teenager to understand. I received a few insights in Mr. MacArthur’s discussion of predestination. My thoughts lately have been consumed on how to answer certain people who come up to me with various topics one of which is, “I never read the Bible. I talk to God directly.” Mr. MacArthur taught me how to answer that dilemma. He has inspired me to go for a closer walk with Jesus in that where I have been striving to make a routine of my prayer and fasting life, Mr. MacArthur suggests I focus primarily on Jesus. If I do this Jesus will guide me in my prayers and fastings. I recommend this book to not only the new Christian who seeks to learn more about God and how to be a Christian, but to the seasoned Christian who, as the years go by, seem to lose sight of the many truths Mr. MacArthur discusses in this book.

The publisher provided a copy for this review.

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Hurray for me!!!

I wasn’t able to work on my story over the weekend since my grandson Colby came to spend time with me. I wanted to talk with him and listen to him talk about everything he’d done lately. He comes over for the weekend, arriving on a Friday afternoon and going back home on Sunday at 5 pm so we don’t have a lot of time.

Finally, I got to work on it today and have put together quite a few words. Here’s the tally.

21,932 words total

Of course this is only an approximate count, but it still looks good to me.

Wish me luck and say a prayer.

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Friends, at the close of my writing time tonight I have the following:

34 pages filled with font sized 16

10,272 words

I find that amazing for me.

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I am now taking a long deep breath because I have a small success today.

I have written 10 pages, font sized 16, and 2644 words.

To me that’s a small success.

Tomorrow is another day.

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The Big Day

Finally, the day has arrived where I am beginning another draft on my first book. I’ve spent the last year learning all I can about revising all aspects of the ‘story’ in an effort to create stronger characters, more interesting settings, a story people will pay money to read.

My outline is before me, my computer file is about to be opened, and I’ll begin writing. Probably won’t go to bed till the wee morning hours. I’m hoping to get pretty far into the ms because I’ll be using the best of the old ms as well so I won’t have to rewrite every word. That is not to say I won’t be writing every word. Like it or not, everytime I begin work on this ms changes occur despite me carefully avoiding them. lol

Wish me luck.

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Another Draft

Well, I’m about to write another draft of my first book. It has been heavily revised and rewriting it won’t take many days. First though, I have to take a break, so I pulled out the quilt I’ve been working on for 5 years and hopefully, I will finish it about the time I finish my draft.

Wish me luck.

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