Understanding Revelation, the final book in our Bible

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelations Made Clear by Tim LaHaye and Timothy E. Parker
Review copy provided by: BookLookBloggers.com

The Book of Revelation tells us of this earth’s future events and is a must-read for everyone. Especially for people who have found the Book of Revelation impossible to understand. Scriptures are taken from the New King James Version of the Bible and are written in our everyday language. If a reader uses a different version, he/she should compare the scriptures in this book to those in their version. This comparing is always a good practice. The layout is simple enough so a reader can take one chapter per day to read, compare scriptures, and meditate on the knowledge gained. Three multiple choice questions at the beginning of each chapter is an amusing way to test the reader’s knowledge before getting into the topic. Neither the writing nor the quizzes are difficult and combine to make an interesting experience. A few of the chapters have extra material like charts and lists.

By the time the reader finishes this book he/she should have a very good working knowledge of what the Book of Revelation is telling us. I like the way this book is formatted. I believe all of us will understand Revelation much better after going through this book. I believe those, like me, who think they know all about Revelation will find a few points that will set them to thinking deeper about the message found in Revelation. How wonderful to know God Almighty loved us enough to tell us our future that we may prepare for it! Tim LaHaye helped write The Left Behind Series which I have read. He knows what he is talking about. Once a reader finishes The Book of Revelation Made Clear, if they have not read the Series, then they should. Between the Series and this book, the reader will not be left with any doubt as to what is about to happen.

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