7 Ways to be Her Hero


_80_140_Book_1245_cover 7 Ways to be Her Hero    7 Ways to be Her Hero: The One Your Wife Has Been Waiting For  by Doug Fields

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This book definitely gives a man what he needs if he cares at all for his wife and family and wants a good marriage. After the Acknowledgments page, there is a small section advising the reader to Start Here. This section lays the foundation for the book. Chapter One talks about the man’s desire to be great, to fulfill his dreams. Chapter Two gets down to business by dealing with the first of the specific 7 ways by explaining about what God meant when he said that two people become one when they marry. In Chapter 2 Mr. Fields doesn’t talk just about the part where the man may have a problem wounding his wife with words or deeds, but he answers the man’s question: “What if it’s really not my fault…” in a section labeled 2B. Part B of each chapter looks at the chance that it may be the wife’s fault, but the man must still worry about what he does and how he reacts. The book ends with a chapter that Mr. Fields advises the couple read together so they can begin to work on the problems they face in their marriage.

Being a woman, I grabbed a chance to read this book just to see if Doug Fields really knew what he was talking about. He does. In my opinion, he has been successful not only in knowing a woman and her needs, but in what a man should and could do to make her life better with a resultant change for his own…a change for the better. I particularly liked this part…[Direct Quote] “I’ve got to do all this so you can live the life that you want to live.” This is the excuse from the man. Mr. Fields says, “Really? Your wife may appreciate the lifestyle your chase can provide. But she likely would give it up in a heartbeat to have more of you in her life. She does not want your presents; she wants your presence.” Amen and Amen. He mentions how the man chased his wife before the wedding, trying to get her attention and win her love, then after the wedding the man begins to chase his job, his hobbies, his friends, maybe another woman, and leaves off chasing his wife. Mr. Fields recommends the man continue to chase his wife. I hardily agree with Mr. Fields.

Ladies, this is a great book for your husband. If you can’t make him read it, then make him sit and listen while you read it to him. I wish I would have had this book back in 1962 when I got married.


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I have been writing short stories for 25 years and am now working on my first novel. Besides writing, I love to read a great variety of genres with crime/mystery/fantasy being at the top. Dean Koontz is my favorite author, but there are so many more I can't list them all. I also like to crochet, sew, and do many kinds of crafts. Being a retired school teacher sure helps me find the time for all my favorite activities. Can't understand why people don't like retirement. It is a good time to follow a new dream.
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