Nearing Home by Billy Graham

Nearing Home by Billy Graham

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Nearing Home is a book written about the life of Billy Graham as an elderly man. He tells what it is like to be getting older. He talks about the health problems which causes a person to be unable to do as they once did or go where they once went. It is a 182 page book filled with information that will be beneficial to teenagers and older people. For teens, the messages found in this book would help them to accept the elderly which would improve relations between the two age groups. Teens would also better understand their parents and this is only my opinion. For the young adults, not only would they better understand the older person, but the older person would feel loved and needed. For the message is clear: The elderly can be used by God as well as the younger. The elderly have a lot to offer, if only the younger person would listen and heed their advice.

The message that even at my age today I can be used by God to help others despite my inability to perform the tasks I once did is the message that meant more to me. I had somehow became selfish and wanted only to go home to be with the Lord. Instead Rev. Graham has reminded me that I am still here for a purpose and that is to be used by God in whatsoever state I find myself. How moving! How uplifting! Remembering how God used the older person in the Bible stories is enough to give me hope that there is something else I can be doing if it’s only to pray more. Now I have purpose. To pray and fast for those around me and for those that are still lost throughout the world. The Bible says we must pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out someone to reach those we can not talk to face to face.

I recommend this book to all who have to deal with an elderly person in their own families for I am convinced if they read this book both they and their families will benefit greatly.


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