Second Chances by Max Lucado

Second Chances by Max Lucado_76_128_Book_840_cover

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Second Chances is written in a daily devotional form: scripture text, followed by scripture reference, followed by the scripture turned into a brief story. One can sit down and read this book from page 1 to the end. However, the Table of Contents will allow the reader to go directly to a story that suits the way s/he feels today; thereby, getting a suitable story to lift the spirits or to encourage the reader to keep on keeping on. These stories reveal many second chances available for today’s wayward heart.

I have enjoyed reading these stories. Some were written with the Biblical characters playing the parts in the story. Others were written with more modern characters. Yet all of them revealed second chances attainable to anyone who has lost their way from the youth who runs away from home to the person who runs away from God.

These stories offer a new way to look at the events that happened in the Bible and how these events tie in with us in today’s world. One of my favorites is Imperfect People: This story shows people packing filled garbage bags around all day until a man arrives to ask them to meet him in a place. Once the people bring their garbage to him, we see this man has to be Jesus who took all our ‘garbage’ [sins] and nailed them to the cross for us. Very moving. Very uplifting. I recommend this book to all people.


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