The AR Tour for Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road Anthology is on! Today is mine.

Tonight is December 18, 2011, and I’m preparing for the blog tour to stop by this blog tomorrow, the 19th.  I’m also sitting here at my desk thinking about how close Christmas is when it seems like we just celebrated the 2010 season a few weeks ago. Time flies. Christmas means gifts and books make great gifts.

Introducing Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road—an anthology by various authors who dare to break the rules. We took away the rules and let them write whatever they liked.

Sassy Brit created Alternative-Read which is a writers group found on which says ‘anything goes’ when it comes to writing and promoting authors and books. Join here:

Clayton C. Bye is a business consultant and owner of Chase Enterprises Publishing. His company, Chase Enterprises Publishing, is producing the WRITERS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD Anthology filled with short stories written by several authors from Visit him here

About the authors: Our writers vary in experience. We have some who have only a first-attempt-at-writing kind of experience while others have been writing for decades and have published quite a few books, articles, short stories and other good writings. I think all of the authors included in WRITERS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD are members in good standing with

Every last one of our members are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to share what they know to beginning writers. All they need is a question to answer. Join the group. Oops, forgot to mention that not all our members are writers, some are readers, but they like to get first hand knowledge of the books about to hit the stores in the near future. Translate first hand knowledge to excerpts of the stories which will give more tidbits of info than the book blurbs on the jackets.

If your reading this post, leave a comment with your email address included, search for and write down the url for the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road book cover sporting Santa Claus hats in order to gain a chance at winning a Kindle ebook reader. Today, I’m offering one [1] print copy of Mouth Full of Bullets First Year Anthology. It is a book of stories from very short works to a novella. The stories deal mostly in the mystery genre. Poems are also included. Very good reading. My prize winning short story TRAPPED appears in this book.

If you’ve read to this line, and you have a bit of wisdom to share with my readers of this blog, please do so by commenting so others can benefit from the information. Doesn’t matter if it’s on watering your garden, how to get to work no earlier than one minute before clock-in time, or how to write an eye-opening hook for a best-seller, leave a comment and tell us about it. If you’re an author featured in our anthology mentioned above, please leave a bit of info about your own story and your website URL.

Something to think about: always be willing to share what you’ve learned in this life because life is so short we don’t have the time to learn everything  we need to know by trial and error.

Thank you for visiting. Don’t forget to find the book cover with the Santa hats and write down that URL. You need to collect all of them.

About lprobinson64

I have been writing short stories for 25 years and am now working on my first novel. Besides writing, I love to read a great variety of genres with crime/mystery/fantasy being at the top. Dean Koontz is my favorite author, but there are so many more I can't list them all. I also like to crochet, sew, and do many kinds of crafts. Being a retired school teacher sure helps me find the time for all my favorite activities. Can't understand why people don't like retirement. It is a good time to follow a new dream.
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5 Responses to The AR Tour for Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road Anthology is on! Today is mine.

  1. Judy Bradley says:

    Years ago I read that if one loses an hour in the morning (lying in bed too long or whatever) then the rest of the day is spent in trying to find it. I have found that to be true.

    • lprobinson64 says:

      Hi, Judy, thanks for dropping by. That’s an interesting idea. If it’s really on target just think how many hours I’ve lost. I sometimes don’t get to bed until after midnight and I can do this for several days, then WHAM I have to go to bed like at 7:30 pm because I can’t keep my eyes open. On a night like that I can sleep all night and up until 10 am the next morning. Now the grogginess I experience on the mornings after going to bed after midnight might indeed be me trying to find the hours I lost. 🙂

  2. Na S. says:

    The good thing about mistakes is that you can learn from them and in many cases there are more than one chance to get something right. I think with the right attitude it can make the bad things a little better and the good things great.

    • lprobinson64 says:

      Hi, Na S, thanks for dropping by. That is so true about mistakes. And we will inevitably make them even when we accept the lessons we learn from watching other people make theirs. I also believe that last statement strongly. I’m always in need of improvement in all areas of my thinking and my life. 🙂

  3. Megan Johns says:

    I love the sentiments in this blog, Lu.

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