Blob Hopping: What’s a typical writing day like for you?

QUESTION: What’s a typical writing day like for you? Do you fit it in when you can or stick to a tight, right schedule?
Question provided by affiliate author Angelika Devlyn.

Wish I had a typical writing day. Days connected when on each day I’d write or work on editing for a set number of hours. I write when I can, when I know I shouldn’t be interrupted, usually very late at night. Then my grandson began staying up late. Wonder if he does this so he can interrupt me? <smiling>

When I do sit down, I usually stay at it for three to five hours without a break. I’ve seen the times when I began work at 9 pm CST and quit at 3 am the next morning. Television is playing around the clock because the hubby has to have it going so sometimes I pause and watch the scene, then get back to work. Not much but it gets the job done.

About lprobinson64

I have been writing short stories for 25 years and am now working on my first novel. Besides writing, I love to read a great variety of genres with crime/mystery/fantasy being at the top. Dean Koontz is my favorite author, but there are so many more I can't list them all. I also like to crochet, sew, and do many kinds of crafts. Being a retired school teacher sure helps me find the time for all my favorite activities. Can't understand why people don't like retirement. It is a good time to follow a new dream.
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15 Responses to Blob Hopping: What’s a typical writing day like for you?

  1. Although I do most of my initial drafting at work during afternoon quiet time, I am quite good at shutting off my mind to all around and immerse myself in my tale, much to my daughter’s amusement as I have a habit of acting out dialogue and actions as I write. Off to the funny farm I go.


  2. I have the television on all the time too. I need the background noise. And nights are usually my time to write. Have to fit it in, so I do when I can.

    Have a great day!

    • lprobinson64 says:

      Most of my days, that’s the only time I can watch tv, too. When I’m able to shut the kitchen for the day and do a round of caretaking, that’s when I can sit before the tv. Usually at 9. Once in a blue moon, 8 pm, but only when I’m burned out on the comp. 🙂

  3. It looks like most of us snatch what precious writing hours we can, whenever we can!

    • lprobinson64 says:

      That seems to be true from what I’ve read of other writers. It’s either that way or no writing could be done unless you’re one of the lucky, smart people who have money enough to rent an office space and go to the office at regular working times. Sometimes I wish I could do this.

  4. Megan Johns says:

    Hi Lucille, You’re a testament to ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way!’

  5. night time seems to be my most productive also, once hubby goes to bed. he’s retired and in and out all day, distracting me. he used to go to bed a 8pm then got it into his head he wanted to ‘spend his evenings’ with me. groan. I mean after a full day of in and out, mostly in his recliner dozing while in and dozing while he ‘spends his evenings’ with me, what’s the point?

    • lprobinson64 says:

      My sentiments exactly. Why bother to stay up and be ‘with your mate’ when you can’t stay awake long enough? Hope he doesn’t do what my hubby did: started that same thing when he retired back in 1992 and today [knowing that the more you sleep the more you want to sleep] he sleeps sitting up, lying down, and I’m waiting to see if he will begin sleeping while driving his motorized wheelchair around the living room.

      • just so he doesn’t take you down with him. lol. I used to joke that when he retired i was going to work. I have a friend who did just that. love, but honestly 24/7 is way too much sharing for me. the last time i talked to her was during xmas vacation. she said after being home with him for several days she could understand why some women were driven to murder. mine can’t understand why i prefer no tv and no one around all day. i can’t understand why he needs both all the time.

  6. lprobinson64 says:

    Mine told me in 1992 that when I went to work he was retiring and he did it. Dash all my dreams of two people working together for retirement fun.

    • yes, and if you’re like we are, all the things you planned on doing you haven’t been able to do anyway. mine used to urge me to start publishing so i could make lots of money and he could retire. what a joke. i laughed then and still do.

  7. 9.00 – 3.00am is pretty good when you are on a roll! But how can you keep that up, Lu? I’d be worn out. Great post!

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