Characters Names/Titles Important?

Darn right, they are! Well you’ll see a different answer if you’re a member of the AR Alternative Read group.

Character names are important.  Some names just don’t go with some virtues. For instance, how about:

Joe–Can you really see Joe as a hulking, heman, full of sensuality, sex appeal, muscles that make you want him to hold you tight? Do you see Joe as that very wise detective who catches the villian and the girl? Can you see Joe as that Nemesis of the World’s Worst Villian who comes from outerspace, innerspace, or another dimension?

John is better, but that reminds me of the Disciple in the Bible, so no, he won’t be a wild one. I think I can of like them wild.

What about Susie? Is she a good mate for the World’s Best Hero? For that hulking piece of dynamite? Nah, she’d wilt in the presence of so much power. Hey, that might work in a story…

As for titles, I’d say they were important. Who wants to read a book by the name of This is I, My Operation, Hello World…You get the picture.


About lprobinson64

I have been writing short stories for 25 years and am now working on my first novel. Besides writing, I love to read a great variety of genres with crime/mystery/fantasy being at the top. Dean Koontz is my favorite author, but there are so many more I can't list them all. I also like to crochet, sew, and do many kinds of crafts. Being a retired school teacher sure helps me find the time for all my favorite activities. Can't understand why people don't like retirement. It is a good time to follow a new dream.
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9 Responses to Characters Names/Titles Important?

  1. After making the rounds of the blog hoppers, it seems we all agree on the importance of names and titles. It’s nice to meet new blogging friends and find out how everything thinks.

  2. So true, Lu.

    Views can change according to if you know someone of the same name.

    For example, I agree with your Susie idea, but if you knew someone called Susie who is a beefy mud wrestler and champion hammer thrower … you might change your mind LOL

    Great post, Lu

    Here’s my latest blog hop post! Great to see you playing along 🙂


  3. I can see Joe the he-man full of sexuality — more than likely a biker. I can also see Joe the detective. I cannot see Joe the nemesis from outer space. Not unless said nemesis is being called Joe as a shortening of his name that he hates with a passion thus wanting him to kill the hero that much more. 😛

    ~ Renee

  4. Amy R says:

    You see, now, I would pick Joe over John any day to name the hulky hero. John is just so…John. That is just me, now Susie, too juvenile, I immediately picture pig tails and ribbons. Hahaha! Just like the name Edna, to me, means librarian and not the interesting Marion the librarian, *giggle*

  5. Lawna Mackie says:

    Your post made me laugh! It’s true so many people see names in different ways. For example, I like the name Joe, but I wouldn’t use it as a name in one of my stories…at least not for the main character. It’s all so personal 🙂

  6. ‘hulking piece of dynamite’! What name would you give him? Something yummy…

    • lprobinson64 says:

      I don’t know what name to give that one. It would have to be very male-ish, perhaps exotic. I haven’t seen a man like that in any book I’ve read although I’ve seen some hulks I wouldn’t mind meeting. I have to think on that one.

  7. lprobinson64 says:

    Another friend of mine bought a little dog and named him Max, so I can’t see that being a man. heheh Sorry, Vive

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